Company : Municipality of Perstorp
Location : Sweden, Perstorp
Year : 2014
Description : Public pool (3000 m3)
Goals : Improvement of water- and air
quality, lowering operating costs


The commercial pool in Perstorp has one outdoor and one indoor pool. The goal was to reduce chlorine smell and to improve water quality. Operating costs also had to be reduced at the same time.


Intallation of full DAISY with 24 tons of AFM and 6 ZPMs. APF and ACO were dosed automatically.


• 30% less chlorine demand
• 60% less acid demand
• Savings of 3,000 m3 of backwash water per year (ca. 15,000 Euro)
• Much better air quality: “Smell of chlorine is gone. Customers ask whether they have stopped using chlorine” BR. Lars Ottosen, Manager
• Return on Investment (ROI) is calculated to less than 2 years.


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